Why? Just Why?-Instant Post

Greetings and salutations, welcome back to my little corner of the internet. okokok…. Does anyone else find it.. um.. hilarious(and kind of infuriating) how Adventures In Odyssey (/FOTF) sometimes really plays off of the ‘teens are addicted to social media’ stereotype? Just something I found humerous. Guess which characters they chose to promote their InstagramContinue reading “Why? Just Why?-Instant Post”

Buck Oliver pt. 2 -Jules

So if you are new to my bog here is a overview of Pt. 1. Buck Oliver is the foster son of Eugene and Katrina Meltsner. Burdened with a hard child hood full of crime, lies, scams, and mistrust.Buck is learning the love of Christ through his new friends and family. Redemption.. Everyone can takeContinue reading “Buck Oliver pt. 2 -Jules”

Buck Oliver pt. 1 -Jules

Hey Guys!!!! We are interrupting your normally scheduled show to bring you this message: So I just found another AIO blog called β€œWelcome to Odyssey!” It is AMAZING! (here is the link 😊 ) https://welcometoodyssey.wordpress.com/   It is written by a few AIO fangirls. (just as obsessed with AIO as me!!!!!) you should totally check themContinue reading “Buck Oliver pt. 1 -Jules”

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