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Update|Odyssey Rants|Going Forward

Hello all!

Welcome to or welcome back to my blog:) it’s so great to see you!

I’ve been sick recently and everything has been super chaotic! so I’ve decided to make a post updating y’all, and ranting about life and (what else?) Adventures in Odyssey:)

In the past few months I’ve begun my sophomore year, and it’s been a rollercoaster! I haven’t had much time to listen to AIO or do much of anything besides homework and basketball practice, but this weekend I caught the stomach bug- the perfect time to relisten to some of my old favourite episodes.

There are already so many posts, blogs, podcasts, and videos about the new AIO episodes, Whit, Eugene, and the future of Odyssey, and I too have many opinions. But for now I won’t bore you with my longwinded rants. (haha if you’d like to hear my opinions on these things-or any other AIO related topics just lmk. )

In the past I have stated that I am on team, “Novacom is top tier Odyssey and can’t be topped’. and haha. I still am:) But I have recently rediscovered the humorous if not cliché masterpiece that is The Green Ring Conspiracy (and related episodes). I’ve forgotten how much I love these episodes, and I might do a review series on these if y’all are interested.

Okay, in 222 words I have managed to say many things, and yet nothing at all. To sum this post up: I love old Odyssey (however cringy at times), I adore middle age Odyssey, and I have books worth of ideas for/about new Odyssey. I have many post ideas for the future (AIO cosplays that I’ve been working on, Reviews, lists, where to start, etc.) but I want to know, what you want to see! I’d love any input on what I should do going forward.

If you’re a long time reader, thanks so much for sticking around thru these ups and downs in posting regularly. I appreciate y’all so much<3 Let me know what y’all would like me to write about:)

Have a lovely dayy!



Published by charlie 🤍

hello! my name is charlie, nice to meet you<3 you are so loved

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