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Merry Christmas!

Greetings and Salutations of the season! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet.

I wanted to share something special and original this year for Christmas, but I wasn’t sure what.

So I’ve decided to take a note from ‘Grandma’s Christmas Visit’ (Album #52), and share with you my families’ Christmas traditions!

Christmas is different for every person and family. For some, it might be the biggest part of the year that’s looked forward to for months, for other’s it might be a small day for you to spend with your family/friends, and for others it might just be another day.

However you celebrate it, Christmas is known as the most popular holiday in the world, followed by Hanukkah then New Years.

Music is a big deal in my life, you’ll never see me without my headphones/earbuds either listening to music or Odyssey. And Christmas music holds a very special place in my heart. Right now I’m listening to ‘Little Drummer Boy’ performed by Act of Congress. I have the fondest memories of sitting in the car for hours driving to and from families’ houses listening to Christmas music with my family.

Tonight I’m going to spend with my family on the couch listening to Christmas music. Everything is a bit different this year, traditions have been changed, added, replaced, and there has even been a new addition to my family. This is the baby’s first Christmas, and I’m so grateful to have her. This is my first Christmas with 4 siblings. This is my first Christmas with my best friend.

I’m so grateful for this year, but also grateful that it’s nearly over.

Let me know your Christmas traditions!

Merry Christmas!

~The Perilous Pen

Published by charlie 🤍

hello! my name is charlie, nice to meet you<3 you are so loved

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