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You Might Be An Odyssey Fan If… pt. 4

Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

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Again, this post was inspired by the “You Might Be an AIO Fan If…” From Adventures In Opinions

And “You Might Be a Homeschooler If…” From Blimey Cow.

I honestly love this blog and channel, so please go check them out. They are both wonderful!!! But don’t take my word for it, why don’t you find out for yourself, by going and checking them out. ☺

Now, onto the post

You might be an Odyssey fan if:

  • If, in the planning of your family vacation, it’s agiven that you’ll find out what station plays Odyssey (and at what time) at your desired destination
  • If you knew how to use FaceBase before FaceBook
  • If your only ‘social media’ is the AIO Club/Odyssey Fan Pages
  • If you have a list of episodes that you know are going to make you cry
  • If the only things you know about baseball/softball comes from Marvin Washington and Ashley Jenkins
  • If you learned how to use the Israelites code
  • ^*see above* and now it’s more natural for you to use that than normal writing
  • You might be an AIO fan if you can tell people and sing the lyrics to Wooton’s Ode to Macaroni (“Odyssey Sings!”) and Bart Rathbone’s song to promote the Electric Palace….
  • If you thought you were smarter than Eugene when you figured out that O.T. Action News stood for Old Testament Action News

*Credit for 8 goes to Alicia from

*Credit for 9 goes to Huttash

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Thanks for reading,

~The Perilous Pen

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hello! my name is charlie, nice to meet you<3 you are so loved

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