The Perilous Pen

Welcome one, Welcome all, The Perilous Pen is a group of Adventures in Odyssey fans getting together to discuss theories and conspiracies in the Adventures in Odyssey Radio Drama. Using blogs, posts, comments, and ideas from other fans across the country we will help y’all to organize and come up with theories about the upcoming mysteries, plots, and schemes. We will cover it all from the Richard Maxwell, to who is really behind that mysterious voice. So join us for intrigue, excitement, and imagination. But don’t take my word for it, you can find out for yourself when you join us today for another Adventures in Odyssey!

NOTE: I will use information from many sources but I promise “No computer hacking, breaking and entering, or even slightly bending the law!”

-The Perilous Pen

About Me:

Hey Guys! I’m a teen girl who is OBSESSED with Adventures in Odyssey! I love dancing, playing basketball, writing music, singing, all preforming arts, science, and reading basically everything! (I am what you might call a “Jack of all Trades” I am good at everything but never really great at anything.) I also LOVE musicals! I hope you like my blog. Please give me any advice, comments, and suggestions. Thank you!


*Thank you to LRose for creating my blog button!!!

I also have another blog, here is the link!

It’s titled: Gateway Into Fantasy

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